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Top limestone patios and why we love them

May 27, 2020   |   By

home extension with stone

A patio is a wonderful addition to your garden, creating more usable space and providing an outdoor area for dining, entertainment and relaxation.


In particular, natural stone patios are a great choice, offering durability and almost endless options for creativity and individuality.

Here are some of our favourite patios, and you can also check out our gallery for a little inspiration.

Mix and match

patios mix and match

You don’t need to stick to the same colour or even type of stone when creating your patio design.

Using a mix of colours can create a truly unique result, whether distributed randomly throughout the patio or arranged in a pattern or design. The effect can be subtle through use of different tones of the same colour, or something much bolder with vibrant, contrasting shades.

Lines and borders

limestone patios limes-and borders

Adding a border to your patio or paving adds definition to the edges, creating a neat appearance. Incorporating lines and boxes within the design can also help to demarcate different areas within the space, such as a dining area or the entrance to your home.

You might opt for a contrasting coloured stone to really make your borders pop, or simply use a different, smaller cut of the same stone for an understated style.

Circles and curves

cathedral gold paving patio

Although they are popular and simple to build, square patios aren’t the only option. A circular paved area in the centre of a lawn creates a unique and unusual space, while adding a curved edge to a patio as it spills out into the garden can soften the overall aesthetic.

Circles and curves can also complement your garden by following the lines of your landscaping—and as experts in architectural landscaping, we know how to bring your garden together with amazing natural stone features.

Rough and ready

natural stone paving limestone patio close up

Natural stone such as limestone can be finished in a number of ways, and a rough, weathered look is very popular for patios.

As well as a beautiful texture and more grip, riven limestone adds a rustic, unique character. By reflecting the stone’s origin, slabs with a rougher surface, uneven edges or inconsistent shapes bring your patio closer to nature.

Smooth and sleek

Lincolnshire limestone patio

In contrast, sometimes perfectly smooth, highly polished stone offers the look that you desire, instantly creating a sense of luxury and elegance.

Smooth tiles are particularly useful if you intend to place furniture, potted plants or a firepit on your patio, as they provide a flat, stable base.

Your choice for natural stone patios

cathedral limestone paving patio

Stamford Stone at Home is proud to offer a wide range of beautiful materials perfect for creating natural stone patios of just about any design. We can cut, shape and finish stone slabs to your specifications, ensuring that your completed patio is a work of art.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas and to order a sample of our beautiful English limestone.