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Paving Stone

Creating a perfect outdoor space with natural stone paving reaps so many rewards. Installing a patio not only opens up extra living space, it also gives you the option of scaling up your entertaining too.

At Stamford Stone at Home, we have a range of party-perfect garden paving stones for you to choose from. We offer a collection of natural stone paving designed to add a sophisticated edge that you will be proud to air during summer soirees or keep all to yourself for some private relaxation.

Contact us today and talk to our friendly stone specialists. We can help match our stone with your designs.

Contemporary to classic designs

Our selection of limestone, York, granite and sandstone paving stones offers a wide variety of style options suitable for patios, pathways and driveways. Different sizes, shapes, stone and finishes means you can tailor the tone of your outdoor space to perfectly suit the style of your home – whether that’s ultramodern or a more traditional décor.

You can also choose the colourway that works best: our paving stones come in a variety of colours including greys, creams and lime hues. Some designs such as our Heritage Holden paving, mix all these colours together to give a more mottled effect.

Premium quality, weather resistant and durable

All of our external paving stone is premium quality which means that it will last for many years – and continue to look fabulous too. It’s also easy to keep clean and requires very little maintenance. What’s not to love? When paving made from concrete is damaged or chipped, the aggregate is exposed – this can look ugly. Choosing natural stone paving avoids this issue. Any small chips will blend in, softened by nature and the elements. This is partly why natural limestone paving is so popular for commercial hard landscaping projects – its superior durability is worth the investment.

Talk to our stone experts on 01780 740970 to find out how to take care of your natural paving stone.

Perfect paving stones for your next project

If you want to run your kitchen flooring seamlessly into your garden – we’ve got you covered. We supply internal flooring that matches with our external paving stone, giving you the option of bringing your beautiful garden space right into your living area.

Calculating the amount of garden paving stone you require

Do you need some help calculating the area you are looking to pave? If so, we can help in a variety of ways. Simply click on the product you are interested in and you’ll see a calculator appear to help you with your calculations. Alternatively, get in contact with our friendly team of stone experts who will be able to help you with any questions you have. You can also book a showroom appointment to visit our extensive outdoor show area where you will see all our natural stone paving collections on display.

Get in contact today on 01780 740970.