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Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to what you might think, natural stone is a great conductor of heat. It should naturally adjust to your room’s temperature but you can add under floor heating if you prefer a cosier effect. 90% of our floors are installed with this. Don’t forget that rugs can enhance all stone flooring, adding colour and texture to your room.

See here for the range of finishes we offer.

As a guide, a tumbled finish uses ageing/distressing techniques to achieve a worn look to the stone.

Honed stone floor tiles are run through a machine to result in a smooth surface with sawn straight edges and a matt appearance.

Limestone may need to be resealed on a regular basis. You can choose to use a special limestone or stone cleaner. For more advice, check our recommendations here.

We calibrate our limestone flooring, starting at a minimum of 20mm.

An additional 10% of the area/areas should be sufficient, but do feel free to ask us for advice by calling 01780 740970 and telling us more about your project.

If sealed correctly and maintained according to our guidelines, your floor should not need resealing for around 3 years, possibly more, depending on traffic and the products you use. Ask us for advice if you are unsure.

Limestone is sedimentary rock – natural, organic material composed of the shells of marine creatures which solidified millions of years ago when England was under water. Find out how it all began here.

It’s a beautiful stone, reflecting a whole spectrum of shades and hues, including blues, greys, blacks, yellow, brown and greens.