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Natural stone pool flooring

When you’re debating what to use around a pool, hot tub or Jacuzzi, make sure you choose a material that’s non-slip, hard-wearing, easy to clean and (obviously) water-resistant.

Stone pool flooring made of limestone ticks all the boxes as it’s not only able to withstand weather extremes (for outdoor pools) it’s also resilient enough to cope with heavy footfall. You often find you have a lot of friends when you have a pool!

Take advantage of the skill of our master stonemasons whose experience and care has delighted thousands of customers. You can be certain that all stonework for pool areas is made to order and carefully crafted to your specifications.

When you’re ready to update your bathroom with limestone bathroom tiles, you’ll find it easy to incorporate little features which make a big difference. Talk to our design experts about what will work best for your bathroom – just give them a call on 01780 740970.

Our range of decorative tiles

  • Audbourn Distressed

    £85.00 per m² + VAT
  • Ottoman Grey

    £65.00 per m² + VAT
  • Bourgogne

    £78.00 per m² + VAT
  • Rocco Buff

    £64.00 per m² + VAT
  • Walcott Aged

    £108.00 per m² + VAT
  • Sale


    £75.00 per m² + VAT
  • Hammersmith Etched

    £49.00 per m² + VAT
  • Walcott Honed

    £75.00 per m² + VAT

External Showroom

Due to refurbishment work, our external showroom will be closed until further notice. However, we have landscaping samples available in our main showroom if you would still like to visit us and speak to our team.