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Decorative Pebbles

Decorative pebbles can transform any garden quickly and cost-effectively. With just a few bags and a rake, you can turn a neglected corner or an unkempt border into a stylish feature within no time at all. Not only do our decorative pebbles make an immediate transformation, they also add bags of textural and visual interest to any space.

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Pebbles – more than just stones!

Using our decorative stones to create paths, borders and boundaries is a popular choice, however our decorative stones have other uses and are often deployed in gardens to aid drainage. Available in grey and white, you can create areas of interest that will also help to hide any areas of land where pools of water collect.

Another great use for decorative stones can be to replace areas of lawn in your garden, turning a garden that needs grass cutting every week during the summer into an extremely low maintenance area. If you are considering laying large areas of land to pebbles, it is recommended that you place a weed mat under any pebbles to control any weed growth.


£12 per 20kg bag + Vat

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White pebbles

These brilliant white pebbles are fabulous for adding depth and texture to any garden design. They look great as ground cover, or can look stunning if you are looking to add a burst of brilliant white alongside a border or a pathway. The contrasting colours of your plants and flowers will look extra vibrant next to these white pebbles.

To add a fairytale feel to your space, try pairing our white pebbles with twinkling fairy lights to create a sensational evening outdoor space.

Our white pebbles have a tumbled finish and are available in three sizes (random shapes): small: 1-3cm, medium: 3-6cm and large: 6-10cm. All sizes are available in 20kg bags or bespoke sizes upon request.


£12 per 20kg bag + Vat

Contact us on 01780 740 970 to place your order.

Grey pebbles

Our decorative grey pebbles are more subtle in colour, incorporating shades of beige, blue and grey. These decorative stones are perfectly suited to laying alongside fences, flower beds, gardens, walkways, landscaped public areas and swimming pool areas. Wherever you install them, they will look good and last the test of time. Like our white pebbles, grey pebbles are perfect to help with any drainage issues.

Decorative garden stones work well delineating borders and sectioning off areas of the garden without the need to add bold or harsh lines. If you’re looking to section off your garden, but want to do it in a subtle and not too formal way, pebbles can provide the perfect solution; looking just as at home in a formal Georgian garden as they do in a small cottage backyard.

Our grey pebbles have a tumbled finish and are available in two sizes (random shapes): small: 1-3cm and medium: 3-6cm. Each size is available in 20kg bags or bespoke sizes upon request.


£12 per 20kg bag + Vat

Contact us on 01780 740 970 to place your order.


As owners of our own quarries, we have a passion for natural stone in all its forms. We are proud to offer our customers premium quality stone which is responsibly sourced and prepared. Wherever possible, we employ environmentally friendly policies that keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2025.

If you would like to see our decorative stone in situ, please book an appointment to visit our extensive outdoor show area which is based in Cambridgeshire. Simply call us on 01780 740 970.