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Edging Stone

Edging stone by its very nature is often exposed to the elements and therefore needs to be high quality to ensure it stands the test of time.

An additional family-owned business, Stamford Stone supplies all our award-winning stone, including our edging stone, with reserves guaranteed for the next 900 years. Since acquiring our second quarry Clipsham Bidwells in 2018, the company became the exclusive global supplier of Clipsham limestone.

Contact us today and talk to our stone experts about your edging stone requirements.

Creating boundaries and borders

Edging stone is perfect for dividing areas and delineating boundaries. Many customers choose our edging stone because, in addition to being extremely durable, the creamy hues of our Clipsham stone look stunning against lawns, flower beds and rockeries. The vibrant natural colours within any garden are automatically enhanced and boldened when sitting alongside our gorgeous Clipsham edging stone.

Quick and simple parking prohibitor

Another very popular use for our edging stone is that it can be installed anywhere around your boundary to prevent vehicular access. If you have an area of grass at the front of your home, for example, that vehicles could potentially park on, you can very simply lay a boundary line of edging stone which acts as a boundary for vehicular access. This is a quick to install and cost-effective solution which looks smart and requires no maintenance.

Increasing kerb appeal

The beauty of our edging stone is that its looks complement any setting; whether your home is a rustic cottage or you live in a super modern build, our natural Clipsham stone will fit your environment perfectly. The high quality creamy colours ooze premium style and will enhance any setting.

Our edging stone comes in random sized blocks and can be bought by tonnage weight. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you or call us on 01780 740 970.

Sustainable sources

All our stone has been sustainably sourced from quarries that we own and manage, so you can always be assured of the provenance and high quality. We are always conscious to keep all production processes as environmentally-friendly as possible and in alignment with our sustainability and environmental policy.

We are hoping to become carbon neutral by 2025 and already have many processes in place to help minimise the impact of our quarrying activities on the environment.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • 95% of our stone is prepared within 20 miles of the quarry – minimising transportation
  • Recycling rainwater
  • Harvesting our by-products and using them as aggregate and agricultural lime
  • Creating full replanting and landscaping plans for each quarry area we work within

Showroom visit

To discuss your stone requirements or book a showroom appointment on 01780 740970