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Create a stunning and practical wet room with limestone bathroom tiles

May 13, 2020   |   By

Not only is a wet room a highly practical addition to your home, it also offers a sense of luxury. When deciding what material to use to create your new space or turn your existing bathroom into a wet room, it’s important to choose something that is both practical and attractive.

Limestone tiles are a great choice for your bathroom or wet room, as they are highly durable and create a beautiful atmosphere.


natural stone wet rooms durable tiles

The stone that is quarried for your wet room has been around for millennia, so you can be sure that your bathroom tiles are going to last!

Limestone is a beautiful material that also offers practical toughness. Unlike wood or vinyl, it won’t warp from steam and moisture. It’s also highly resistant to staining, especially when sealed and combined with wet-proof grouting, while its natural water resistance prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

Feels great underfoot

natural stone wet rooms-tiles feel great underfoot

There’s something incredibly indulgent about stone, and it feels great to walk on barefoot.

Our feet are very sensitive and, whether polished smooth or left with a natural, rougher texture, the firm and reassuring sensations underfoot are just wonderful. Limestone bathroom tiles are also suitable for use with underfloor heating, allowing you to create a warm, inviting environment.

Stunning aesthetics

natural stone wet rooms tiles complement any decor

Implementing limestone into your bathroom is a simple way to create beauty and luxury.

With soft, blended tones, natural marbling and unique patterns, there’s nothing quite like natural stone. You can also choose to continue the same tiles throughout the entire wet room for a clean, minimalist look, or create borders and visual focal points with contrasting stone.

Complement any décor

natural stone wet rooms tiles complement any decor

Limestone’s natural hues perfectly complement any décor, allowing you to create a beautiful wet room effortlessly.

Whether you’re looking to match your tiles with your existing fixtures and fittings, or creating a brand-new bathroom suite from scratch, you’ll have no difficulty finding limestone tiles that offer the perfect backdrop.

Add value to your home

natural stone wet rooms tiles add value to your home

Any type of natural stone is a wonderful investment for your home, as it lasts a lifetime.

Limestone features add durability, timeless appeal and value to your property, while the stunning wet room itself creates an enviable sense of luxury that buyers will love. This is a huge selling point for your property and really makes it stand out against those with standard ceramic tiles.

Limestone tiles for bathrooms and wet rooms

natural stone wet rooms tiles grey

Stamford Stone at Home’s beautiful range of limestone is quarried right here in the UK, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out the bathrooms and wet rooms in our gallery.

Get in touch with us to order a stone sample and see just how stunning your wet room can be.