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Natural Stone flooring

When you choose natural stone, you add value to your home and quality to your life. Limestone flooring improves with age, blending style with supreme functionality and adding character, warmth and beauty wherever it is installed. It’s an investment.

Our natural stone flooring range has options to suit all types of property; from the traditional Georgian country style to a minimalist Scandi interior décor. The spectrum of natural, warm hues and finishes give the collection wide appeal.

Known for its durability, practicality and soft neutral tones, our English limestone has become an increasingly popular material for internal stone flooring. It works particularly well with underfloor heating.

Enjoy browsing our stone flooring collections. For specialist advice and to place an order, please call us on 01780 740 970.

English stone

Our range of beautiful natural English limestone is a stylish addition to any home. It is quarried and manufactured locally, ethically and responsibly, by leading stone suppliers, Stamford Stone, an additional family-owned business.

The provenance of the Clipsham limestone we use for our internal stone flooring can be guaranteed as it is sourced from the famous Lincolnshire Oolitic belt, with supplies forecast to last for decades.

More famous for its use with architectural masonry in notable buildings, such as the Palaces of Westminster to modern design at the new colleges at Oxford and Cambridge University, Clipsham has a long and rich history in English architecture.

Our modern production technologies allow us to manufacture this precious material into a range of finishes and sizes, to create statement flooring perfectly suited for any space.

World stone

Buyers are increasingly considering the environmental and human costs of the products they choose. As part of the Ethical Stone Register, we have sourced a range of exquisite limestones and marbles from around the world, ensuring their supply chain has a positive social and ecological impact on the communities involved in the manufacturing processes. 

Whether you are looking for Turkish marble, Tunisian stone or a Trevail slate for your internal flooring or external paving – we supply them all! Our World stone comes in a range of stunning natural colours and patterns to suit any kitchen, bathroom, wetroom, cloakroom, hallway or exterior space. 

Stone flooring and paving is a hygienic choice. With its hard, non-porous surface, it doesn’t harbour germs, making it particularly suitable for anyone with a respiratory condition or sensitive immune system. Stone floors are easy to clean and maintain, helping to keep dust and allergens out of your home.


Nothing beats tried and tested products. Thanks to our experience, we know which products perform best with our stones – and we’re always on the look out for innovative developments.

We supply a range of:

  • Sealants
  • Adhesives
  • Movement membranes
  • Grouts
  • Primers

If you need help choosing our stone, or any sundry items, please call our friendly sales team on 01780 740 970. Alternatively, get in touch to order a stone sample or book a showroom visit. 

Our range of interior stone flooring

  • Audbourn Distressed

    £85.00 per m² + VAT
  • Ottoman Grey

    £65.00 per m² + VAT
  • Bourgogne

    £78.00 per m² + VAT
  • Rocco Buff

    £64.00 per m² + VAT
  • Walcott Aged

    £108.00 per m² + VAT
  • Hammersmith Etched

    £49.00 per m² + VAT
  • Sale


    Original price was: £90.00.Current price is: £75.00. per m² + VAT
  • Walcott Honed

    £75.00 per m² + VAT