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World Stone flooring

Bring the luxurious feel of world stone into your home with our exciting range of flooring options, encompassing everything from the rich hues of Tunisian stone tiles to smooth-polished Turkish marble flooring.

A global offering that doesn’t cost the earth

Sourcing the highest-quality stone from around the world doesn’t compromise on our effort to minimise the environmental impact of our supply chain.

As part of the Ethical Stone Register, we ensure that we maintain rigorous standards of practice to reduce our social and ecological impact on the communities that are involved in the manufacturing processes of our limestone and marble. This means that you can enjoy quality that doesn’t compromise on ethics when investing in our beautiful world stone flooring.

Setting the scene for your dream home

Our rich range of world stone flooring is an investment that you can make with confidence, as it combines many styles, colours and finishes to bring an alluring charm to any space.

Not only will it add value to your home that will only increase with age, natural stone flooring will also create a uniquely characterful touch, turning any home into a spectacular design vision.

Internal flooring

Though visually striking, our natural stone flooring is also incredibly practical for busy households.

Its durable, non-porous surface requires minimal maintenance and helps to prevent a build up of dust, allergens and germs in your home. This makes it an ideal choice for areas of high footfall, such as kitchens and hallways.

Step into style with our Turkish marble flooring

A popular choice for modern bathrooms and kitchens, our two stylish choices of Turkish marble flooring offer a sleeker, more refined finish.

The elegant Marina White brightens up any space by combining white and citrus tones to leave your room feeling airy, while the Ottoman Grey marble contrasts deep grey tones with smooth, straight edges for a sophisticated flooring choice.

External flooring

Adding world stone flooring to your outdoor space means that you can create a practical patio area that emphasises your garden’s beauty.

The durability of our natural stone flooring means that you can enjoy a versatile, multi-function space for outdoor dining and entertaining. Stone is naturally weather resistant and able to seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings of your garden thanks to its rich variety of textures and tones.

Add dimension with our Tunisian stone flooring

We’re proud to offer two versatile Tunisian stone flooring options that are perfectly suited to bringing characterful sophistication to either traditional or contemporary home designs.

The multi-tonal depth of our Atom Grey is perfect for cooler colour schemes. Our other Tunisian stone flooring, Lima Cream, is a rich fusion of warm yet neutral colours, creating a bright, crisp flooring that looks great in open-plan kitchens.

Sample our stone

Many of our world stone flooring tiles are available as both internal and external flooring and, thanks to their timeless natural elegance, are sure to add value, character and quality to your home.

Request a sample to get a feel for our natural stone flooring and see the unique beauty for yourself.

Visit us

There’s no substitute for seeing and touching the stone in person. Visit our newly refurbished Peterborough showroom to see our range of world stone flooring for yourself.

To arrange your showroom visit, give us a call on 01780 740970 and we’ll get you booked in.