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External Cobbles & Setts

If you’re looking to create a statement patio area or driveway with a traditional feel, our natural cobble stones or stone block setts are the perfect choice for long-lasting beauty. All of our stone products are supplied from sustainable sources and are of premium quality, meaning they are hardwearing, durable and available in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes.

Contact us today and talk to our friendly stone specialists.

What’s the difference between cobble stones and paving setts?

There’s is a quick and easy reference for determining the difference between natural cobble stones and stone paving setts. Paving setts are small blocks of dressed stone – usually with six obvious sides. Cobble stones, on the other hand, are rounded without definite sides. Both are used to create a traditional, decorative finish to driveways, paths and larger areas of hardstanding.

Hand dressed for the traditional look

Our natural cobble stones and natural stone block setts are available in granite or sandstone. Each piece is hand dressed and tumbled, giving a traditional look. Our cobble stones and paving setts are calibrated to one even thickness which allows them to be laid quickly and easily. We advise you get a professional to lay these for you, however, if you choose the DIY route, you can talk to our stone experts for any guidance you require.

Help with laying a perfect pattern

The majority of our cobble stones and stone paving setts are available in a variety of sizes which allow them to be laid in different combinations and patterns. It’s worth taking some time before laying your cobbles or block setts to map out exactly the design you require. There are so many variations that can completely alter the look and feel of the finished project.

Our Heritage Willow granite paving setts are available in one size only – but again, these can be arranged into different pattern styles for added appeal.

If you are unsure of what stone product would work best in your setting, get in touch with our stone experts who can help you with any queries you may have.

How do I lay cobbles and block setts?

It is recommended that you create a sub base to sit under your natural stone block setts and cobble stones giving them strength and durability. This would usually be an aggregate base that is well compacted leaving little or no gaps on the surface. This sub base must be even as it will create the final profile of your paving setts.

Next comes the base and bedding layers, these need to be strong and supportive. If you choose a fixed base, you will need to add a layer of concrete over the sub base. The bedding layer holds and supports the paving setts and can be a dry mix of coarse grit sand or a rigid construction using the same mix with concrete.

Best methods of jointing

A flexible method of jointing uses sand brushed into the joints. For a rigid method, use a dry 4:1 mix of sand and cement. There are other alternative methods which include pointing with wet mortar and poured bitumen. If you have any questions, pick up the phone and talk to our friendly stone experts on 01780 740970.

External Showroom Update

We are delighted to announce that the refurbishment work on our external showroom is coming to an end, and will be open again shortly. In the meantime, you can still visit our main showroom to speak with our team and collect samples.