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Stamford stones

Our nationwide delivery service is competitively priced, fast and reliable and we can arrange an export service on request.

  • All deliveries are chargeable and are based on the weight of your order.
  • Deliveries will be made to the nearest accessible point (this may be the kerbside).
  • Deliveries through the pallet network currently have a lead time of 5-7 working days.
  • Please note, the current delivery timescales are in place to ensure safe working practice, we are working to bring timescales down as quickly and as safely as possible.
  • Each pallet holds 16m².
  • For very large orders, please contact us as we may be able to deliver on one of our own fleet of specialist offload vehicles.


ZONE Postcode Area Rate per pallet
Local PE1-10, PE19, PE26-29 £37.50 + VAT
1 LE £46.80 + VAT
2 AL, B, BL, CB, CH1-4, CH9-99, CV, CW, DE, DN, DY, HD, HP1-4, HP17-26, HX, L, LN1-6, LS, LU, M, MK, NG, NN, OL, OX5-8, OX15-17, OX17-19, OX30-32, OX34-38, OX40-43, OX45-48, S, SG, SK SM1-3, SN5-7, SN25-26, SN38, SN99, ST, TF, WA, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV £52.05 + VAT
3 BB, BD, BS1-21, BS30-99, CH5-8, HP5-16, HP27, LN7+, OX1-4, OX9-14, OX18, OX28-29, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49, PR, SN4, SN8-16 £52.80 + VAT
4 BS22-29, CF1-40, CF46, CF49, CM, CO, DA, EN, FY, GL, HG, HR, HU, IP, NP, NR, PE11-18, PE30+, RG, SL, SO1-24, SO25, SO30-32, SO50+,SP SY1-9, WD, YO £55.80 + VAT
5 BA, BH1-18, BH21+, CF41-45, CF47-48, DH, IG, NE1-18, NE20-46, NE50-60, NE72+, PO1-29, RH, RM, SO40-50, SR, SS, TA, TS1-5, TS19+, TW, UB £57.30 + VAT
6 BH19-20, CR, CT, DT, GU, KT, ME, SM £61.80 + VAT
7 BR, CA13-15, CA19, CA20-23, DL, HA, LA, LL1-14, LL20, NE19, NE47-49, NE61-71, TS6-18 £61.80 + VAT
8 E2+EX1-20,EX24-37,N2+, NW2-7, NW9+, SE2-10, SE12+, SW2+, W3+ £67.05 + VAT
8LCZ E1, E1W, EC, N1, N1C, NW1, NW8,SE1, SE11, SW1,W1, W2, WC £75.30 + VAT
9 BN, CA1-12, CA16-18, CA24+, EX21-23, EX38-39, TN, TQ1-3, TQ9-14 £67.05 + VAT
10 DG1-2, DG11-12, DG15+, FK1-19, G1-82, KA1-26, KA29+, LD, LL15-19, LL21+, ML, PA1-19, PL, SA1-20, SY10+, TQ4-8 £67.80 + VAT
11 DG3-10, DG13-14,EH KY, SA31+, TD, TR1-16, TR27 £71.55 + VAT
12 FK20-21, G83-84, PA21-38, PH33, PH36-41, PH49-50, TR17-26 £100.05 + VAT
13 AB, IV0-39, IV63, KW1-14, PH19-32, PH34-35 £100.05 + VAT
15 DD, PH1-18 £88.05 + VAT
16 HS, IV40-56, PA20, PA40+, PH42-44 £131.55 + VAT
17 KA27-28 £142.05 + VAT
18 ZE, KW15-17 £182.55 + VAT



Delivery for mainland England, Wales and Scotland

Up to 5ltr/kg Up to 20ltr/kg Up to 40ltr/kg Up to 60ltr/kg Up to 80ltr/kg
£5.00 + VAT £12.00 + VAT £18.00 + VAT £26.00 + VAT £34.00 + VAT


Decorative tiles

Delivery for mainland England, Wales and Scotland

Formats less than 35 x 35cm and up to 1.3cm thick

Up to 1m² Up to 2m² Up to 3m² Up to 4m² Up to 4m²+
£12.00 + VAT £18.00 + VAT £26.00 + VAT £35.00 + VAT Please see pallet rates

Formats less than 35 x 35cm and up to 1.3cm and 1.6cm thick

Up to 0.5m² Up to 1m² Up to 1.5m² Up to 2m² Up to 2m²+
£12.00 + VAT £18.00 + VAT £26.00 + VAT £35.00 + VAT Please see pallet rates

Pallet Rates

Mainland UK
£49.00 + VAT per pallet