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Beautiful 2021 garden stone paving ideas

June 07, 2021   |   By

Garden stone paving ideas

Looking for 2021 garden stone paving ideas to revolutionise your outdoor area? Then do yourself a favour and start by choosing natural stone over mass-produced tiles. 

This timeless material is durable, reliable, eco-friendly, more sophisticated and exclusive, and it even comes in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Thanks to our wide range of external stone paving collections, we can help you match different décors and incorporate the most memorable ideas so you can create your ideal outdoor space. Here’s some inspiration to make it easier for you to visualise the garden of your dreams, alternatively you can browse our online product range…

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5 best 2021 garden stone paving ideas for patios & outdoors

1. Create stunning natural stone walkways

Create stunning natural stone walkways

A small path made of natural stone will immediately inspire an enchanting sense of cosiness just like the feeling you’d experience in traditional cottages and whimsical gardens.

Regardless of whether you live in the countryside or the busiest urban area, you can landscape your outdoor setting by connecting your gate to the patio or front door with a natural stone walkway.

2. Consider different shapes

Consider different shapes

The classic geometrical lines created by square or rectangular tiles will always be a safe and versatile choice. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with other shapes.

As experts in stone, we can create the right circular and curved lines to complement the rest of your garden or outdoor area. If it’s a rounded patio you’ve set your heart on, don’t rule out our cobbles collections which can be perfect for creating the curves you are after.

3. Amplify your natural focus with a swimming pool

Amplify your natural focus with a swimming pool

There’s nothing better to complement natural stone tiles and focus the eye than a splash of water. Our stone paving collections are perfect for framing your pool area. Easy to maintain and clean, meaning little work and therefore more time to relax poolside!

4. Get inspired with our garden paving ideas in different patterns

Tiles in the exact same colour will reinforce a consistent feel. 

Still, part of the beauty of natural stone lies in the fact that each of these paving slabs is literally one of a kind: why not take their natural differences to the next level by creating a composition of tiles in slightly different shades? We particularly love the colour variety in our Ash Buff Opus paving stones.

Sticking to a harmonious palette but playing with patterns in different hues, you’ll achieve an eye-catching patio that’s consistent but oozes personality!

5. Create a conscious contrasting effect

Create a conscious contrasting effect with natural stone

When refining your vision, we recommend considering your patio floor in relation to the rest of the elements on and around it. 

For example, some clever 2021 garden stone paving ideas consist of avoiding a busy effect by choosing tiles that contrast against your walls and furniture. Take for example our Heritage Minster Black Granite paving tiles which look simply amazing when paired with light oak, ash or rattan garden furniture.

Local Patio Paving Stone Suppliers

Local Patio Paving Stone Suppliers

As your trusted UK natural stone experts, at Stamford Stone at Home we’re excited to help you find the right 2021 garden stone paving ideas for your specific setting, budget and preferences. 

Thanks to our inspiring range including different types of natural stones and paving slabs in a large variety of shapes and styles, you’ll be surprised to see the true potential of your patio. If you want to see our stone for yourself, why not order a stone sample or download our brochures?

Alternatively, start bringing your vision to life by getting in touch to chat with our friendly team and/or book a showroom appointment.