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Top Stone Flooring Care Tips

April 04, 2021   |   By

Stone flooring care

Stone flooring is a substantial, long-term investment – guaranteed to enrich and add lasting value to your property. If looked after correctly, your natural stone floor will endure all the wear and tear your busy life will put it through. And many customers ask us about cleaning and maintenance. So, here are our top stone floor cleaning tips.

Get to know your stone flooring


Care for natural stone floors

Before tackling any cleaning, it’s important to know your stone flooring and its characteristics. Softer floors, made of limestone or marble, require a specialist stone cleaner over and above regular sweeping and mopping. Whereas hard stone floors, such as granite or slate, can be cleaned with almost any all-purpose cleaning agent. Therefore, in all cases, it’s important to choose the right stone cleaner for your stone floor. But besides that, for long-lasting protection against damage, all stone floors need to be properly sealed to strengthen colour and gloss and to make cleaning easier.

How to keep your natural stone flooring looking like new


Keep natural stone floors clean

Regular stone flooring care ensures your stone surfaces maintain their durability and good looks for years to come. Many stone floors, with their natural colour variation, can conceal dust and dirt. So, establishing a stone flooring care and cleaning routine always pays off.

Simple cleaning steps you need to take


Routine maintenance

Natural stone floors maintenance

Sweep your floor daily using a soft bristle broom and dustpan. Leaving dirt particles can easily scratch the stone surface underfoot. You might be tempted to vacuum clean your floor. But remember, machines with hard edges and rotating brushes can also scratch hard floors. To get rid of grime, mop every week with a sponge or soft mop head. A general floor cleaning agent can be used on most hard stone floors but on softer floors, made of limestone or marble, a specialist stone cleaner is recommended.

Cleaning grout


Cleaning natural stone floors

On soft stone floors scrub grout carefully, using a soft brush dipped in stone cleaner. For hard stone floors use a general all-purpose cleaner. Be sure to wipe off any excess. To clean discoloured white grout, use a mild bleach solution, wiping off with a sponge and drying with a clean cloth.

Stamford Stone at Home experts have tested and selected a range of specially formulated sealing and cleaning products. So, we know which performs best with whatever type of stone flooring you install. If you’re keen to read more about our stone and stone care, take a look at our blogs covering all kinds of related stone topics.

And of course, if you still need help, our fully trained team of experts is always happy to advise on all aspects of stone flooring care.

Finally, if you have any questions about cleaning and keeping your floor in pristine condition, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01780 740970 and we’ll be happy to help.