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The Perfect Stone for Gardens and Outside Areas

June 29, 2019   |   By

Stone has been a staple building material for thousands of years. Nowadays, there are many other materials on offer. However, natural stone for gardens is still regarded as one of the best ways to create a stunning outdoor space – bringing warmth and beauty to your garden.

stone for gardens

Why is stone for gardens still the designer’s favourite?

Natural stone is so versatile and can be used for a wide variety of landscaping projects and tasks.

Stone also offers a unique combination of both decorative and practical benefits. This makes it a firm favourite with even the most modern of today’s garden designers. For proof of this, look no further than the cutting-edge gardens created for the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show. You’ll see that most include some natural stone elements.

limestone garden features

In this article, we’ll explore the different uses of stone for gardens.

Introduce walling stone to your exterior

limestone patio

One of the key uses of natural stone for gardens has always been for building walls – either to divide up the space or as a boundary.

In the 1700s, no self-respecting country estate would be without its walled kitchen garden. These walls were tall and strong, and mostly constructed of local stone or brick. Their main job was to keep the wind at bay. However, they also created a protected micro-climate in which sensitive plants could thrive. Stone absorbs heat from the sun, slowly releasing it over time.

Choose a natural material like locally quarried English limestone for your garden walls. It’ll look fabulous, be extremely hard-wearing – with little or no maintenance needed – and last for decades. Another advantage of using walling stone instead of traditional wooden fencing is that you can create that all-important excellent first impression. Use it now to wow your friends and family, and in the future to woo potential property buyers!

Other uses of stone for gardens and outside areas

Lincolnshire limestone patio

As well as garden walling stone, you can use natural stone for a wide variety of other garden landscaping projects. Our natural English limestone is also extremely popular for patios and terraces. Unlike synthetic materials (concrete pavers, ceramic tiles, etc.), each stone slab is completely unique. This means you can create a natural look and feel, even if you’re laying the natural stone paving slabs over a relatively large area.

cathedral gold paving patio

Many customers also choose our locally sourced exterior stone flooring for outdoor (and indoor) pool surrounds. A key advantage is that limestone has a naturally non-slip surface, even when it is cut smooth. These non-slip properties also make natural limestone paving slabs an ideal choice for outdoor steps and stairways.

stone patios and paving

And if you want to make a real statement, why not consider a beautiful outdoor stone fireplace or barbecue area? You could even commission us to create a bespoke design for a custom-crafted limestone monument or sculpture. The possibilities of natural stone really are only restricted by your own imagination!

Yet more uses of stone for gardens

limestone masonry capping

You can also use our natural limestone for a range of gorgeous finishing touches in your garden, including stone wall capping. This is not only decorative – it serves to protect the wall from the ravages of the weather and moisture penetration.

limestone balustrading

Stone balustrading is a great way to finish off the edge of a raised terrace or stairway. What’s more, you can use stone balustrading in a purely decorative way to divide up your garden – for example, to separate a patio from the lawn or flowerbeds.

Find out more about stone for gardens

cathedral limestone paving patio

If you would like to find out more about using natural stone to enhance your outside space, feel free to get in touch. Our fully trained experts will be happy to share their knowledge and experience to help you make the most of natural stone in your garden.

Our stone products and services are available to private customers, homebuilders, self-builders and architects alike. Natural stone is an ideal companion to complete the aesthetics of your garden. Explore the uses of stone for gardens and how to bring warmth and beauty to where you live by getting in touch or requesting a sample today.