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Introducing the Beauty of Natural Stone Tiles

July 19, 2019   |   By

The use of natural stone tiles for interior flooring has enjoyed a massive renaissance over the past few years. Go back a couple of decades, and the only types of solid flooring on offer were ceramic tiles – and the dreaded linoleum of course!

natural stone tiles

However, the story is completely different if we step back in time. Any housebuilder who wanted more than rough dirt underfoot basically had a choice between natural stone and wood flooring.

Today’s lucky homeowners have an amazing wealth of natural and man-made flooring to choose from. In this article, we’ll examine the growing popularity of natural stone tiles. We’ll also show how wonderfully versatile they are – and how they can add character and warmth throughout your home.

But don’t natural stone tiles only suit old houses?

natural stone tiles

There’s no denying that traditional flagstones look fabulous in an old stone-built cottage. But with the massive range of stone types, cuts, shades and finishes now available, we believe there’s a stone floor to suit every style, size and age of home.

Locally sourced natural stone tiles

At Stamford Stone, we offer a wide choice of internal stone flooring options.

natural stone tiles

First and foremost, check out our beautiful limestone tiles. They come from our very own sustainable quarries on the famous Lincolnshire limestone belt. So, we may be a bit biased, but we’re sure you’ll agree that natural limestone – with all its patterns and striations – has a much warmer look than artificial ceramic tiling. Natural stone tiles are also extremely hard-wearing, easy to keep clean, and less slippery when wet.

As well as our own limestone products in a wide range of shades, we can also supply other types of natural stone flooring – including rustic grey slate and elegant marble.

The versatility of natural stone flooring

natural stone tiles

Gone are the days when the only rooms in the house to have tiled floors were the kitchen and bathroom! Today, many of our customers choose to lay our limestone floor tiles throughout their whole house.

This is partly thanks to the fact that natural stone floor tiles look much more warm and characterful than man-made flooring choices. But it is also because stone flooring can actually feel lovely and warm too – especially if you opt to install underfloor heating.

Do you still need a bit of convincing to consider natural stone flooring in cosy rooms like a snug or ground floor bedroom? Imagine how beautiful stone flooring can be with a few carefully placed rugs – for example, by the bed or in front of a sofa or hearth.

Why natural stone is surging in popularity

natural stone tiles

Natural stone is both versatile and low maintenance inside the home. It’s no wonder more and more people are using it – and not just on the floor. Amongst other things, we can also create bespoke natural limestone window sills, skirting boards, stairways, door surrounds, architraves and even fireplaces. Just think – you’ll never need to paint a fiddly skirting board or doorway ever again!

And for the heart of your home, we can supply stone kitchen tiles, sink surrounds, countertops and splashbacks.

Meanwhile, why not create a seamless link between indoors and outside with natural stone interior floor tiles giving way to exterior stone flooring on your patio or terrace?

natural stone tiles

We’ve got a wealth of free information and inspiration for you. You can read more about the different uses of natural stone here. Browse our range of limestone, marble and slate flooring. And check out our Gallery to see how previous customers have used our natural stone floor tiles. It’s good to talk – and we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today, book a consultation at our showroom or request your stone flooring sample. We look forward to hearing from you!