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Discover the Beauty of a Natural Stone Doorway

May 09, 2019   |   By

natural stone doorways

Inside and out, a natural stone doorway makes a charming entrance – whatever your style or property.


Natural stone is well known for its beauty and durability, especially as a type of flooring. But what about when it comes to the finer details? Below, we’ve looked at how you can use natural stone in doorways, arches and other personal touches to really make your home your own.

Frame your entrance in a natural stone doorway

entrance natural stone doorway There’s no welcome quite like that of a natural stone doorway. Framing a statement front door, a doorway crafted from high-quality stone radiates strength and endurance. But beyond that – and more importantly for some – it looks absolutely stunning.

natural stone doorway portico

A natural stone doorway offers the ultimate kerb appeal. Hand-carved in warm, richly textured local limestone to bespoke designs, they make an arresting first impression – and they’re not just for character properties or traditional renovations. We have stone to match any style.

Our experts would be delighted to advise you on doorway designs, whether you’re looking for a clean, contemporary look or something more intricate. Whatever you choose, you might find guests take a little longer than usual lingering on the doorstep…

To find out more about how natural stone can be used to enhance the outside of your home, take a look at our exterior stone.

Make an interior design statement with a natural stone door arch

internal stone doorway arch

Of course, natural stone needn’t – and shouldn’t – be kept outdoors. Our versatile stone makes equally beautiful interior arches and doorways. Introduce a statement natural stone door arch as the entrance to your traditional country kitchen; add simple stone doorways throughout your new, sympathetically designed farmhouse; or build a broad, inviting archway into your open plan living space.

All of our natural stone door arches are hand-crafted from scratch using ethically sourced limestone, so don’t be afraid to get creative. We’ll turn your ideas into reality. Door arches are just one way you can use natural stone to bring a handcrafted, quality feel to your interiors. See our interior stone for more ideas.

Leave your legacy on a name and date stone

natural stone doorway date stone

Don’t we all want to make our mark? By building or renovating a property, you’re already creating a unique and beautiful home that will be loved by generations to come. With a name and date stone you can add a personal touch to your build, preserving the memory of all that careful planning, the hours of research, and the toast you raised when – at last – everything was done and dusted (or, perhaps, dusty).

Our name and date stones are crafted from local limestone, which makes them extremely durable, high quality and exceptionally beautiful. In hand-carved lettering, we can mark any name, date, or message you choose, whether it’s the name of your home or the date it was finished. For an opulent flourish, ask us to finish the stone in gold leaf; it’s your little piece of history, after all.

Natural stone could be just the finishing touch you’re looking for, whether in your doorways, as a door arch, or as a name and date stone. We’d love to tell you more about how to transform your home with natural stone. For more ideas, inspiration, or advice, browse our Gallery or contact our experts.