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Outdoor paving ideas to breathe new life into your garden

March 08, 2023   |   By

A beautiful garden can really complete the look and feel of your house, as well as add value to your property. No matter your garden size or layout, you can transform the landscape by adding limestone paving slabs. With a variety of colours, textures, shapes and finishes, a Stamford Stone limestone patio can leave a big impression even in smaller gardens.

Why choose an English limestone patio?

As an extension of your home, a limestone patio brings your living space outdoors and creates a functional and versatile living area in your garden that’s great to relax in comfort or entertain guests in the great outdoors.

For busy gardens with heavy footfall, the durability of limestone paving slabs is second to none. A limestone patio is also a low-maintenance option, requiring only regular sweeping, cleaning and the occasional treatment to maintain its natural charm. It also makes awkward outdoor spaces more accessible by providing a sturdy surface.

Limestone’s rich composition, natural veining and neutral undertones make it a firm favourite for modern and traditional gardens, where it forms the perfect canvas to build a recreational space with plants, flower beds, lighting fixtures and furniture to complete your garden haven. No matter the occasion, a limestone patio can easily accommodate you.

Take inspiration from Stamford Stone’s natural stone pavers range

Bring the indoors outdoors

A patio is a foundation for creating comfort in your garden. When paired with natural stone flooring inside the home, it creates a smooth flow from the indoor to the outdoor space and harmonises the overall aesthetic of your home.

Opening up your home in this way provides a more spacious feel to your living space, so using limestone paving slabs that share a similar composition and design to your indoor flooring is an easy way to achieve this.

The entrance hall of this ambitious self-build private residence features two sets of wide French windows, which look out upon a spacious raised terrace. The terrace itself is paved in our stylish Normandy Grey stone and leads to a beautiful outdoor pool, set in matching stone.

The use of our limestone paving slabs across the outdoor space not only creates a seamless harmony in the garden, but it also complements the natural stone Walcott Octagonal flooring in the entrance hall.

Read the case study

Add rustic charm

Cobbles are an easy way to emanate a countryside feel in even the most urban locations. An iconic feature of many rural hotspots like Yorkshire and the Cotswolds, the added dimension they bring makes them a highlight of any garden.

Natural stone cobbles

The mix of square and rectangular shapes, along with the combination of grey and yellow tones and tumbled edges in our Heritage Holden Cobbles create an effortlessly rustic feel.

Our cream-toned Whitton Block Setts are hand-dressed and tumbled for an aged, old-fashioned look that brings added rustic character. Calibrated to an even 40mm thickness and easy to lay, they’re a practical choice for English limestone cobbles.

Make a statement

Whilst a limestone patio can bring neutral tones into your outdoor space to blend seamlessly in with the setting of your home, it can also be used to create a standout feature.

Selecting a sandstone or limestone paving slab that comes in different sizes and colours will allow you to create a mosaic effect that draws the eye to your patio and further beautifies your garden, or you can simply choose a particular type of paving stone to create a distinct patio style.

Self-build period eco-house

Though the client wished for the house itself to be finished in keeping with the Edwardian style of the existing property, the garden landscape in this project is a great example of how the garden can stand out just as much as the house itself.

A vibrant patio was created with our Cathedral Gold paving stone, which emanates the warmth of the Cotswolds. For this impressive self-build project, we also milled the paving stones down to 20mm thickness to allow the mechanical cover to retract over the pool.

Create designated spaces

Adding height to your patio with the addition of stone steps and low walls not only provides further dimension to your garden but also creates distinct areas for various functions.

This also allows you to play with paving slabs and different laying patterns, so you don’t just have to decide on one type for the whole space. With such a variety of stones available, it’s easy to make a big impression.

Adding edging stones along the border of your cobbled paving tidies up the borders and also creates clear, designated spaces for various garden activities like planting flower beds or growing vegetables alongside your limestone patio.

Step into the garden of your dreams

External stone steps can really make an entrance and help to make your garden more accessible. Both our Whitton Steps and Heritage Autumn Steps are created from English limestone calibrated to 50mm thickness, making them suitable for use as steps or bullnose pool coping.

Edging stone

Adding Stamford Stone’s edging stones to your garden landscape allows you to create clear boundaries and borders for a more crisp patio layout. As well as being extremely durable, the creamy tones and rich texture of our Clipsham limestone perfectly complements lawns, flower beds and limestone patios.

Not only will the addition of our limestone edging stone enhance your patio, but it also complements a variety of settings from modern builds to rustic cottages.

Need a helping hand creating the limestone patio of your dreams?

Whether you live in an urban city or a countryside village, the design of your English limestone patio can completely transform your outdoor space.

Maximising the available space, enhancing natural features and surrounding scenery and complementing your home are key considerations for deciding which sandstone or limestone paving slabs to use, but the Stamford Stone team are here to help.

Call us on 01780 740970 to speak to one of our experts for any further guidance on our limestone paving slabs and other products.