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Name and Date Stones: Cement Your Legacy

January 27, 2020   |   By

It’s a good feeling to create your own legacy. When you use a name and date stone, it can make your home feel truly like a castle.


name and date stone sutton lodge 2

What’s more, anybody can cement their legacy with a permanent stone feature for that beautiful feeling of laying down roots to last the test of time.

Name and date stones are one way of marking dates that are significant to your home and cementing the legacy of those who live inside. Whether marking with a date, name, or emblem, our limestone can be carved or sculpted to any design so you can turn your home into a personal landmark.

Stone for the Home


stone for the home

Using Natural Stone in the Home

Have you considered using stone in the architecture or interior of your home?

As a material, stone is classically stylish, hard-wearing and prestigious. It can be used within the interior to create facades, feature walls, benches, flagstones or fireplaces. This helps bring a natural feel and sense of quality into your home, along with the knowledge that it will look good and endure for centuries.

Name and Date Stones


date stones kootenay house

Name and date stones are a wonderful way of personalising your home and possessions, and for remembering significant dates forever. Stone endures, as will your legacy when you create a stone design for your home with Stamford Stone.

Although they are decorative features, we know that name and date stones also represent something significant, whether that be a moving date, a building completion date or the name you’ve given your building.

Traditional date stones include two or three letters —the forename and surname of an individual, or the two forenames and surname of a married couple. Name and date stones have also been used to commemorate the builder of a building, marriage dates and to identify a building as a place of historical significance.

No matter what you are commemorating, Stamford Stone can help.

Name and date stones can be sized and shaped to fit into any wall and can feature any custom carving or engraving to create an enduring homage for your home. We use cropped walling stone to create these custom designs.

Personalise Your Home


limestone date stones

Our name and date stones are entirely custom.


Our Range of Limestone Options

request a stone sample


You can choose from any stone within our range of limestone options. Each type of stone has a different texture, finish and colour, so you’re sure to find something that perfectly complements your design.

What’s more, we are the exclusive global supplier of Clipsham limestone, after acquiring the Clipsham Quarry Company in 2018.

Bespoke Touches


name and date stone orchard bough


Once you’ve chosen your material, we will then add further bespoke touches. The stone can be embellished with hand-carved lettering in a choice of black paint or gold leaf. This luxury finish creates a feeling of prestige and permanence.

Working with Self-Builders


ufford kootenay front


Our natural stone is perfect for self-builders who are bringing the final touches to their home by hand. The elegance and versatility of natural stone takes both exterior and interior design to the next level and is easily sculpted or carved.

This means we can work with self-builders to design name and date stones that are in complete alignment with their personal architectural and design plans.

Working with Stamford Stone


clipsham quarry

Our Quarries

We supply natural stone from our two quarries in Lincolnshire – the famous limestone belt; Clipsham Bidwells and Clipsham Medwells. Did you know we are the sole suppliers of Clipsham limestone?

Our Environmental Policies


stamford stone environmentally aware

We also operate with an environmentally-friendly ethos.

For example:

  • We aim to reduce the travelling distance of our stone. That’s why 95% of our block stone never travels more than 20 miles to its production site.
  • We organise multiple drops for part-loads to prevent unnecessary journeys.
  • We reuse our by-products to minimise waste.
  • We harvest and recycle rainwater.
  • We operate full replanting and re-landscaping plans to minimise our footprint on the environment.
  • We have funding from the Carbon Trust to continue to work on ways to minimise our energy use.

You can read more about our environmental policies here.

Partnering with Stamford Stone


As natural stone suppliers, we work closely with our clients to ensure they are confident in the product and service they receive. Our aim is simply to work with architects, designers and self-builders to help create stunning stone works.

limestone date name stones

If you’re interested in using name and date stones in your design, contact us today. We’ll forward more information about our cropped walling stone and will be happy to discuss other ways we might be able to help.

You can call us on 01780 740970 or email on sales@stamfordstone.co.uk. You can also visit us in our showroom at Swaddywell Quarry, Stamford Road, Helpston, PE6 7EL.