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Gabion Stone Baskets

Gabion baskets are a clever way of adding natural stone to any garden, no matter how big or small. They are incredibly versatile and are perfect for making structures that will stand the test of time, including seating areas, boundary walls and retaining walls.

The stone we use to fill your Gabion baskets is made up using offcuts from our family-owned Clipsham quarries, meaning it’s high grade limestone. Whether you are looking to add a Gabion basket in your back garden or source one for a larger area, these baskets are perfect for creating edging and boundary walls.

The steel basket combined with our hardy stone means these features will last the test of time. Contact us today and talk to our friendly stone specialists.

Other uses for stone baskets

Often Gabion baskets are used to provide structural support when soil levels vary dramatically. If you have an area with significant ground height variation, you may want to consider using these stone-filled baskets to act as a retaining wall. They are extremely easy to install and involve little to no maintenance once in place.

These baskets are also used in areas of flooding, or alongside canals providing structural support. The steel baskets help to control land erosion and will withstand the harshest of weather. Gabion baskets can often be found in university campuses and large public areas where they are installed to delineate boundaries, create steps and seating areas.

Hardwearing and weather resistant

Gabion stone baskets are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and flowing water. By creating a boundary on your property, you are choosing to prepare your land for the wet season, not just for this year, but for years to come.

With the correct care and maintenance, a Gabion basket can help provide support for generations to come. Talk to our stone experts on 01780 740970 to find out how to take care of your Gabion stone.

Protection for seaside homes

Gabion baskets have long been used to help act as a barrier between the relentless erosion of waves on the surrounding shorelines. These constant elements wear away at the land, disintegrating areas and putting shoreline housing in jeopardy. The beauty of stone-filled baskets is that they are extremely hardy and, once installed, will stay in place for decades protecting soil erosion and properties from the elements.

Gabion basket stone

The stone we supply for use with Gabion baskets is available in bulk 850kg bags, so you can source your Gabion baskets to whatever size you require. Our Gabion stone is supplied in piece sizes ranging between 6 to 12 inches (15-30cm), so we recommend you choose the smaller hold baskets.

If you’re looking to incorporate a Gabion stone basket or two in your next landscaping project, we can help – advising on sizes and placement. Whether you are planning to use Gabion baskets to create feature seating or looking to source a solution to act as a retaining wall, you can talk to our team of experts about all the options. Once you’ve decided on the design, the baskets are easy to install.

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