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Designing with natural stone tiles: how to incorporate them into your home’s interior and exterior

April 12, 2023   |   By
natural stone tiles

Natural stone is sustainable, multi-functional and adapts to the style of your home. As a natural stone company and supplier, our excellent range of durable natural stone tiles, paving and flooring will enhance the design of your home.

At Stamford Stone at Home, the majority of our stone is sourced from our own local quarries, Clipsham Medwells and Clipsham Bidwells, making us the exclusive global supplier of Clipsham limestone.

Natural stone tiles to suit your style

natural stone tiles and fire place

How would you describe the style of your home? The variety of natural stone options can create the desired look.

Rustic charm

The warmth of limestone and terracotta is perfect for flooring and exposed walls and can create a rustic charm throughout your home.


If you’re looking for contemporary designs for your home, natural stone such as marble and slate is sleek and modern.


For a timeless and classic look, Clipsham limestone is an excellent option to utilise throughout your home.

Natural stone can be used to create beautiful accents around the entire home. Discover how natural stone can enrich the design of your home below.

Introduce natural stone tiles in your home

natural stone tiles in hallway

The hallway and living areas outdoors

Create a grand entrance with natural stone flooring in your hallway. With subtle and statement options available, make a lasting first impression with natural stone. Limestone tiles seamlessly integrate into any home with the choice of a variety of finishes. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our gallery.

natural stone tiles kitchen

The kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, making it the perfect space for utilising natural stone. From striking wall tiles to exquisite flooring, these natural stone features can transform the look, feel and design of your kitchen.

natural stone tiles in bathroom

The bathroom

If you’re looking for luxury and longevity with the design of your bathroom, natural stone is a superb choice. Limestone tiles are ideal for bathrooms, with the texture reducing the risk of slipping, with the option to use the tiles with underfloor heating. For an elegant look, marble tiles are attractive aesthetically and great for moisture resistance.


Paving and landscaping

Natural stone can be used to design the outdoor space surrounding your home. As a natural stone supplier, we supply a collection of robust, water-resistant paving stones, decorative pebbles, stone pool flooring and more.

Visit Stamford Stone at Home

At Stamford Stone at Home, we take great pride in being the first choice natural stone supplier for our customers. We offer a wide variety of natural stone that is both hard-wearing and visually appealing.

We are on hand to offer expert advice for your next natural stone project, why don’t you come and visit our showroom to see our stone in person? Located at Swaddywell Quarry, you can see and feel our extensive range of natural stone. Our showroom features an internal and external area, so you’ll be able to plan your next indoor or outdoor project with ease.

Simply call us on 01780 740970 to arrange a convenient time to visit.