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Natural limestone tiles – coming to a bathroom near you?

May 14, 2018   |   By

From limestone flooring to limestone wall tiles, limestone can be used for a plethora of rooms and surfaces in the home. Natural limestone flooringand limestone wall tiles are rapidly becoming a regular feature in many hotels and private homes throughout the UK. Why is limestone such a popular choice for bathroom and wet room flooring? Here are 10 good reasons why it works so well…

1. Limestone looks good, and feels great!

Limestone looks good feels great

Unlike ceramic tiles, which can sometimes be a bit cold and sterile, natural limestone tiles add a warm, earthy look and feel to complement any bathroom – and they work equally well with both traditional and modern bathroom fittings.

2. Limestone is extremely hard wearing

Limestone extremely hard wearing

While it might not be as hard as other stone options like marble or granite, limestone is still an amazingly durable floor covering – and with the right care, it can last a lifetime. Bear in mind that the Egyptian pyramids were largely constructed of limestone, and they’ve survived for nearly 5,000 years!

3. Limestone is clean and easy to maintain

Limestone clean easy maintain

Unlike some other synthetic floor coverings, limestone flooring and limestone wall tiles are highly resistant to mould and bacteria. This is clearly a major benefit in bathrooms and wet rooms, which regularly get warm and damp! Limestone is also very easy to clean and care for, as long as it has been properly sealed to start with, of course.

4. Limestone is less slippery

Limestone less slippery

Ceramic tiles – and other stone flooring like marble and granite – often come with a high gloss finish. This can look really striking, but mixing a high gloss surface with wet bare feet can be a recipe for disaster – especially with young children or the less mobile. Limestone bathroom tiles and wet rooms comes in a variety of different non-slip textures, but even the smoothest limestone finish gives more grip than many other bathroom flooring options.

5. Limestone is better value

Limestone is better value

Compared to the cost of other natural stone flooring and tiling materials like granite and marble, limestone is surprisingly affordable – so you can enjoy the luxury of a unique stone-tiled bathroom or wet room without breaking the bank.

6. Limestone is easy to cut and fit

Limestone easy cut fit

Bathrooms and wet rooms don’t tend to be the biggest rooms in the house, and this inevitably means some of the tiles will need cutting to fit the space. A softer stone than granite and marble, limestone tiles can be cut easily on the spot by your tiler, meaning less waste and a better fit.

7. Limestone is easy to replace and repair

Limestone is easy to replace and repair

While you’ll never want to replace your beautiful limestone flooring and wall tiles, there may be times when repairs are needed – for example, if you fit a new shower system and the pipe holes don’t line up, or if tiles need to be removed to investigate a leak. As each limestone tile has its own unique patterns and textures, it’s easy to source suitable replacement tiles – even many years later.

8. Limestone loves underfloor heating!

Limestone loves underfloor heatingMany stone experts describe limestone floor tiles as being ‘temperature neutral’. The slightly porous nature of limestone means it can adjust more quickly to the surrounding temperature than harder stone alternatives. But nothing beats the luxury of underfloor heating, especially on cold winter mornings…

9. Limestone is so versatile

Limestone is so versatileLimestone tiles work equally well on floors and walls, making them ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms, where you’ll often want the space to be fully-tiled for hygiene and easy cleaning. In smaller spaces, having different tiles on the wall and floor can look a bit fussy. Limestone tiles can also be laid in different patterns to add a bit of variety and interest.

10. Limestone is environmentally friendly

limestone is environmentally friendly

As a natural stone, the production of limestone tiles for flooring and walls in bathrooms and wet rooms is much less harmful to the environment than the manufacturing process needed to produce ceramic man-made tiling alternatives.

If you’re considering limestone flooring and limestone wall tiles for your next bathroom or wet room project, check out our gallery for great ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for more information.