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Choose Flooring That Stands The Test of Time

March 20, 2017   |   By


You are probably already aware that limestone and sandstone were the main building stones in ancient Egypt – the preferred material for tombs, temples, obelisks and of course those famous pyramids (amazingly, the Khufu pyramid alone contains about 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite, weighing up to 15 tons each). But did you know that limestone was also used widely in Egyptian homes?

Choose Flooring That Stands The Test of Time

It was chosen partly as protection against the climate and searing heat and partly as a status symbol. Rather than a mix of mud and reeds, wealthy Egyptians made their homes out of natural stone. They had them coated them inside and out with a white wash (limestone plaster) to deflect the heat and also to make them look pretty in the sunshine. Imposing granite gateways marked the entrance and showed your power and influence in the community.

Some things don’t change. Stone and water have always been a natural combination, and the Egyptians led the way in bathrooms. In ancient times, toilet seats were made of limestone and some of the more affluent homes even had a wet room – this was essentially a stone slab on which the lady or master of the house would stand while water was poured over them by a servant. A little primitive, perhaps, and times have definitely evolved (although servants willing to douse you in water are hard to come by…).

Limestone remains a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms, both for tiles and interior stone flooring – its enduring good looks, versatility and low maintenance make it a sensible option for every type of home. Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme and style, you can opt for a variety of finishes to harmonise with your space. You may be seeking to replicate a spa environment with natural, earthy tones or prefer a sleek, minimalist look. Polished, pillowed, honed or tumbled, we stock them all – and you can find out more about the differences in interior stone flooring tiles by contacting us.

Why stop at the bathroom? Natural limestone flooring looks amazing, performs brilliantly and will give long-lasting impact to your kitchen, dining room and living areas. It’s ideal for boot rooms and super for around the edge of swimming pools, too, adding timeless (and in the case of boot rooms, often practical) beauty wherever it’s used. It’s also an exclusive look as no two stone tiles are the same so your flooring will be unique. There’s something special about having bespoke natural stone flooring that, like the Egyptians, has its own history, each piece containing fossils that were formed millions of years ago. You’re in good company. Sandstone and limestone were the materials of choice for ancient builders and are still a favourite for modern architects, designers and homeowners seeking the very best in materials and finish for where they live, work and entertain.

For the latest trends and expert advice about interior or exterior natural stone flooring, call into our newly refurbished showroom or get in touch on 01780 740970.