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Warm up this winter with a natural stone fireplace

February 21, 2019   |   By

natural stone feature fireplace

Winter’s just around the corner: Daylight hours have diminished dramatically and the temperature’s nose diving! As the chill sets in, the first thing we often reach for are our woollies – hats, scarves, vests, thicker socks etc. However, it’s also a great time to think about your fireplace and how you can best generate warmth from within your home. In this article we’re going to take a look specifically at natural stone fireplaces, hearths and surrounds.


Locally-sourced stone

natural stone fireplace-limestone-fireplace carving detail

Stunning interiors often incorporate an element of stone – and what better material to make a statement with than locally sourced, natural stone. It looks fabulous, is easy to maintain and clean and lasts a lifetime! Why choose anything else?

natural stone fireplace hallway

Almost any room can benefit from a feature fireplace. They can work just as well in a kitchen as they do in a dining room, sitting room and, if you are lucky, even a bedroom! You don’t even need a chimney if you decide to install a gas, electric or other artificial fire. These fires can look very realistic and pump out a lot of heat.

Why are fireplaces essential in the home

We all need help keeping warm during the coldest months of the year. We are naturally drawn to fireplaces, regularly making them the focal point of a room. A natural stone fireplace never fails to create a warm, cosy and often, quite magical, atmosphere in any room.

Stone is ultra-practical too! As it warms up, it acts like its own heating source, radiating heat. Maybe this is another one of the reasons that persuade so many people to choose to build a fireplace in stone.

natural stone fireplace welcoming

A fireplace made of natural stone is a must-have. Stamford Stone’s Limestone fireplaces are a popular choice – the stone is cut to your exact specifications and created from our locally-quarried limestone.

Fireplaces can be carved to any shape and size and each piece of stone is entirely unique. A carved stone fireplace is akin to a work of art and will enhance any space. For more information download our brochure here. We provide standard fireplace styles but can carve and fit bespoke designs made to your exact requirements.

Natural stone fireplaces shine brightest

When you are considering which material to choose for your new fireplace, keep in mind that it must be practical and fit for the job – as well as looking good too. Natural stone tops the leaderboard for attributes and is the most sought-after material to use for fireplace builds. It is durable, hard-wearing, long-lasting, heat resistant and easy to keep clean.

natural stone fireplace shines brightest

Despite the grime and tough environment, a stone fireplace continues to deliver amazing looks on a permanent basis.

Natural stone fireplaces can weather the knocks and bumps of a normal household. Stone is very forgiving and will happily sustain regular scrapings from a fuel basket and all of the associated tools used to create and stoke a fire. You can rest easy when the dog treads on the hearth with its muddy paws or a bottle of red wine gets knocked over on to it!

natural stone fireplace stamford stone showroom

We supply a variety of stone to create a bespoke stone fireplace for your home. Contact us today to talk through the options. Alternatively, for more ideas visit our gallery of fireplaces here or visit our showroom in Maxey.

Hearths and surrounds finish your fireplace

Fireplaces are usually made up of three elements; a hearth, surround and a mantel. A hearth is the part of the fireplace which is at floor level and extends into a room. Originally it was fitted to ensure cinders from the fire didn’t jump out and set the surroundings on fire. Nowadays it still has that use, but is often fitted more as a decorative feature.

The mantel is the part of the fireplace which runs, shelf-like, across the top of the fire. Mantels not only look good but also serve a great purpose as a display shelf for photographs and ornaments that you want to place in a prominent position.

natural stone fireplace mantel

One of our favourite materials to work with is Limestone. Limestone is suitable to use for wood burners and open fires.

We make all our hearths and surrounds to order using our team of local, skilled stonemasons. We only use limestone quarried from our famous Lincolnshire belt which gently mellows and matures over time. Our master stonemasons hand-carve each fireplace into its own unique style. A real masterpiece!

natural stone fireplace master stonemason

One of the major attributes of stone fireplaces is that they can blend in with almost any decor. Limestone can look as good in a modern home as it does in a more traditional setting.

natural stone fireplace modern vs old

Creating a masterpiece

Why not get in touch with us today to discuss your project and to discover which stone would be suitable for your needs. We are experts in stone furnishings, so call us and we can talk through the options to perfectly suit your style and the decor of your home.

natural stone fireplace carving detail

See how beautiful your fireplace could look with a natural limestone hearth. Check out our Gallery, read our brochure or come and see the latest range of fireplaces, surrounds and hearths in person at our showroom.

Get in touch today on 01780 740970 or contact us here.