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Limestone Flooring for Every Occasion

January 10, 2019   |   By

Limestone is excellent for the use of flooring both inside and outside your home. And with such a wide range to choose from, you can almost certainly find one which will suit your needs in terms of its properties, and style to add the perfect finishing touch to the inside or outside of your house.

Limestone Flooring for Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for smooth, seamless, with fossils, white or honey coloured, there are a number of different limestone tiles to choose from. So what natural stone floor tiles are there?

For the Inside

Some limestone floor tiles are better to be used inside thanks to the colours and the fact that they don`t cope so well with weather extremes. These include:

  • Roman Grey – A grey limestone which gives a beautiful aged feel, perfect for using on both floors and walls and larger areas.
  • Rhone Grey – Another light grey limestone with blue flecks, ideal for a contemporary indoor space.
  • Rochelle – An elegant, almost pure white limestone with light fossils, this flooring gives a really classic look of style and opulence.
  • Bergamo – This is a great limestone floor tile for those who are on a tighter budget, whilst looking for a good quality and hard wearing stone. It has light grey shells on a cream stone with occasional veining.
  • Reims – Of the highest quality, this luxurious light cream limestone tile is hard wearing and practical, and have small clusters of fossils.
  • Lincolnshire Westby – One of the most popular of the limestone flooring, otherwise known as the `Lincolnshire silver-bed`. The swirling grey fossils are in a pale limestone.
  • Lincolnshire Audborn – This is a traditional limestone flooring which involves a blend of warm tones with the cooler grey veining, and is perfect for a cottage or farmhouse look.
  • Lincolnshire Walcott – The Lincolnshire Walcott can be mixed with honed marble to give rooms a seamless and continuous flow – perfect for opening up hallways whilst keeping them simple.
  • Lincolnshire Old English Cream – A lovely creamy flooring with very little shell or fossil detail.
  • Lincolnshire Jurassic Tumbled – A hand aged, rough looking edge, giving it a naturally old and rustic look, and including fossils to take you back to the Jurassic times.

For the Inside and Outside

There are some limestone floorings which are perfect for both the inside and outside of your house. You can choose it for either the interior, exterior or both. Limestone floor tiles that are suitable for the inside and outside include:

  • Farmhouse Buff – A light beige colour, and a rustic style edge, this is a very popular, dense limestone ideal for smooth transitions between the inside and outside of the house.
  • Rocco Buff – This is a blend of different world stones, to give unique colours, to fit your required design.
  • Lincolnshire Charlbury – From the famous Clipsham Medwells Quarry, the famous Lincolnshire Charlbury stone is a blend of grey and blue with occasional veining.
  • Normandy Grey – This limestone is a subtle grey limestone with tumbled edges, and can give a normal room or area a touch of style.
  • Bourgogne Reclaimed – With a mixture of different tones and textures, the Bourgogne Reclaimed tiles give the look of a stone floor which has been there for years.

With such a wide range of limestone tiles to choose from, you can get just the right look for your inside or outside area. For more information, or help with choosing limestone tile flooring, get in touch with us today!