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Choose natural stone kitchen flooring for the heart of your home

November 08, 2018   |   By

Why is natural stone kitchen flooring so popular these days? It probably has something to do with the fact that over the last 25-30 years, the role of the kitchen in most homes has been completely transformed.

normandy buff limestone flooring kitchen

The kitchen was once a modest, enclosed space designated exclusively for preparing meals and clearing up afterwards. Nowadays, the opened-up and expanded kitchen, often boasting natural stone kitchen flooring, is the heart of most homes.

The kitchen flooring revolution

Natural Stone Flooring for Kitchens

As kitchens have become much more multi-purpose, the idea of what constitutes suitable kitchen flooring has also changed. Years ago, lino or rough quarry tiles were the order of the day. Now, more and more people are choosing natural stone kitchen flooring as a beautiful, natural alternative.

In this article, we look at why natural stone options like limestone kitchen flooring are so popular.

Practical and hygienic

Audbourn Distressed Stone Flooring kitchen 2

Natural stone kitchen flooring is ideal for open-plan kitchen/diners and multi-purpose family rooms. It looks stunning and creates a homely feel, while still ticking all the boxes for practicality and hygiene.

As long as it is properly sealed on installation (and occasionally resealed following the supplier’s instructions), cleaning is easy. You just need to regularly sweep it and mop it occasionally to keep it looking pristine.

Solid and durable

Hammersmith Stone Flooring kitchen2

Natural stone kitchen flooring is one of the most hardwearing types of floor covering available. This means it’s ideally suited for use in high traffic areas of the home. In many modern home layouts, the kitchen/diner opens out to the garden. Limestone kitchen flooring – and most other hard stone floor tiles – will happily cope with decades of footfall (and paw prints!) coming in and out.

Loves underfloor heating

walcott aged limestone flooring hall

Underfloor heating works especially well with natural stone kitchen flooring because stone is a great conductor of heat. This means it warms quickly and keeps heat in for longer.

With underfloor heating, you can also wave goodbye to the need for conventional radiators, which take up valuable wall space. This is obviously especially useful in small rooms (like en-suites and cloakrooms). But it is also a consideration in kitchens, where much of the wall space is taken up by cabinets. Another advantage of limestone kitchen flooring is that it helps keep the kitchen cool in hot weather!

Relief for allergy sufferers

bourgogne limestone flooring

Soft floor coverings like carpets and rugs are clearly less hygienic than hard flooring. This is particularly important in areas like kitchens, where you prepare, eat and clear away food. Carpets and rugs also harbour dust (and dust mites), which can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers.

We spend a lot of time in our modern, open-plan kitchen/dining/living areas these days. So, it makes a lot of sense to reduce the build-up of allergens by opting for hardwearing natural stone kitchen flooring throughout.

Adds value to your home

Interior limestone flooring bedroom

This may be less of a concern if you have no plans to sell up and move house, but the addition of timeless limestone flooring to your home will help increase its value.

High on the wish list of most homebuyers is a kitchen that’s big enough to eat in. Much prized in times gone by, the separate dining room really does seem to have had its day, in favour of the multi-purpose kitchen/diner. Choosing beautiful natural stone kitchen flooring can elevate this most important of rooms to something really special and sought-after.

If you’re looking for natural stone kitchen flooring inspiration, check out this Gallery or contact the experts at Stamford Stone for help and advice.

We supply limestone kitchen flooring, locally sourced from our own quarries on the Lincolnshire limestone belt. We also stock a wide range of other types of natural stone kitchen flooring to suit all tastes and styles.