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Limestone fireplace ideas for a stylish modern home

December 02, 2021   |   By

Hand-carved limestone fireplaces are in high demand at Stamford Stone at Home. Fireplaces are the focal point of any room. It’s the heart of the home – warm, comforting and central to the family. From the sitting room surrounded by family photographs and Christmas decorations to reception rooms and hallways to add character and sophistication, it’s the ideal investment piece to create something really special at home.

When you’re not sure what you need, it’s difficult to narrow down your choices to the perfect one. Our fireplace brochure details our collection of fireplace designs which range from the traditional to more modern pieces. If you would rather create your own bespoke design, the talented stonemasons at Stamford Stone at Home can craft a unique centrepiece just for you. Travel through time with a modern take on classic shapes.

Why choose limestone?

Limestone is the perfect choice for bringing a natural warmth to your home. It’s earthy, grounding feel has a calming effect on any house. 

As the central focus to any room, it needs to stand out on its own – with or without decoration. That’s what limestone does. It’s texture and colour patterns allow for a natural colour gradient change that can’t be artificially recreated. 

In addition, limestone stands the test of time. Many historical buildings and monuments opted for limestone for it’s beauty and durability. So, when you build with limestone, you secure your place in architectural history and know that your investment will continue to look amazing for decades to come.

limestone fireplace

Ancient houses, rooms and floors used limestone all throughout time. The oldest known record of limestone flooring was in 7000 BC in Israel. Another historical example of limestone is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. We can follow the use of limestone throughout history, down Roman roads, along the Great Wall of China restoration to the floating glass design of the 1950s. And now, the modern limestone fireplaces of Stamford Stone at Home. 

Read about the history of limestone in building here and follow it through it’s timeline in this article.

The textures and tones of our natural limestone flooring work seamlessly together to create open, clear spaces. For those with underfloor heating, the stone conducts heat well and spreads the warmth through your home. It also adds a timeless elegance that’s easy to keep clean. For more information on the different uses of limestone at Stamford Stone at Home, click here.

Bespoke designs to suit any space

limestone fireplace

Limestone’s timeless nature can make you wonder about its suitability within a modern setting. However, our designs prove otherwise. Take a look at our gallery for a stunning collection of bespoke limestone fireplaces. 

Our fireplaces are built to last as an incredible investment for your home. From a contemporary limestone fireplace to a piece created specifically for your home. We carefully hand carve all of our pieces and deliver them to your home.

To take your interior to a new level, book a visit to our showroom so you can see our natural stone fireplaces in all their glory.