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How to clean a limestone fireplace

January 20, 2023   |   By

Why should I regularly clean my limestone fireplace?

As the focal point of your home, a natural stone fireplace brings a timeless quality to spaces where you relax peacefully and entertain guests.

To keep this centrepiece looking its best, some regular but very simple maintenance is needed. We’ve included our top tips for cleaning your limestone fireplace below, to help maintain its elegance for many years to come.

How can I maintain my natural stone fireplace?

Sweep your fireplace

After using your fireplace, sweeping up the dust and debris on the surface can help to prevent marks and stains from forming on the stone. Hoover or sweep up the excess mess with a soft-bristled brush and dustpan before wiping down the surface to remove all excess residue.

Wipe down the surfaces

You should aim to clean your fireplace once or twice a month, depending on the frequency of use. After sweeping away any soot and debris, dust your limestone fireplace with a non-abrasive cloth, which can also be dampened. For a deeper clean, or to remove any stubborn marks, you can add a few drops of a mild washing-up liquid to a bucket of warm water before wiping your fireplace down with fresh, clean warm water.

As limestone is porous, it is important to ensure all soapy residue is removed and that your fireplace is patted dry with a cloth or towel afterwards.

Seal the limestone

Sealing your fireplace annually can help to prevent marks and stains from forming over time. After cleaning and drying the stone, cover the surfaces surrounding your fireplace and apply a sealer specifically designed for limestone fireplaces, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

As marks and stains can be sealed in, cleaning beforehand is essential, as well as ensuring that you use the correct sealer as it may darken the appearance of the limestone otherwise.

Why choose a Stamford Stone fireplace?

Our locally-quarried Clipsham limestone brings warmth and timeless quality to every space. With subtle variations in colour and fossil markings, each fireplace is brimming with a unique character that improves with age. No matter which Stamford Stone fireplace you choose, each showcases the natural beauty of our famous Clipsham limestone and exquisite hand-carved details courtesy of our skilled craftsmen.

The Hambleton

Perfect for classic homes, The Hambleton’s traditional styling incorporates a Tudor arch and decorative mouldings into an angular design to create a beautiful centrepiece.

The Ashton

Are you looking for a fireplace with a simple but eye-catching design? The Ashton brings out the best of contemporary interiors with its clean lines and rich fossil markings.

Browse limestone fireplaces

Beautifully bespoke limestone fireplaces

Every Stamford Stone fireplace is hand-carved by our master craftsmen; who are experienced in creating a wide variety of styles to suit both the contemporary minimalist and the traditionalist.

Whether it’s a traditional embellished style or a sleek minimalist finish, if you have a vision for the fireplace of your dreams, we can create something to complete rooms of every shape, size and style.

Bring warmth and beauty to your home

Discover the timeless quality of a Stamford Stone fireplace by exploring our range of natural stone fireplaces or speaking to a member of our team on 01780 740 970 about your bespoke vision.