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Why it’s the right time to invest in natural stone flooring

March 01, 2019   |   By

Are you looking for a home improvement idea that will be long-lasting and aesthetically appealing? Would you like to add value to your home? If so, you should definitely consider investing in beautiful natural stone flooring.

Natural stone flooring throughout the house

natural stone flooring charlbury grey

Most other hard floor materials – for example, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring and laminate – are quite limited in their usage options. You can use warm, characterful natural stone in literally any room. It is equally at home in spaces large and small – from the most modest cloakroom to the grandest drawing room or kitchen/diner.

Why choose natural stone for your home’s floor?

We’ve already established that natural stone flooring looks great and is extremely durable. These features probably explain why it can really add value to a home, unlike other less permanent floor coverings. But what are the other reasons for choosing natural stone flooring? Here are some of the main ones…

natural stone flooring easy to maintain

Cleaning and maintaining a stone floor couldn’t be simpler – or quicker. All you need to do is sweep or vacuum it, and mop it occasionally. If your stone floor is made of a porous substance like limestone, you may also need to reseal it every few years.

natural stone flooring always in fashion

The natural classic beauty of stone is timeless. This means it will never go out of fashion unlike some of the brave carpet pattern choices made by previous generations which we frown upon today! The ageless style of natural stone is probably another key factor which enables it to add value to your property.

natural stone flooring allergy sufferers

Natural stone flooring is also great for allergy sufferers. This is because unlike carpets, it doesn’t harbour pet hair, dust and other nasties.

natural stone flooring cool under foot

In warmer climes, many people lay natural stone flooring throughout the house to keep things cool inside. That may not be your first thought when choosing flooring in the UK. However, it’s a fact that it will help keep your home cooler in the summer months. And it works beautifully with underfloor heating when the British weather is doing its more usual thing!

Ideal for any and every room

We’ve already said that you can use natural stone flooring throughout the house. The reasons above show just how versatile it is. Here are a few suggestions of where you could use stone flooring in your home, and why…


natural stone flooring kitchens diners

Stone is hard-wearing, practical and easy to keep clean. This is especially handy with all the accidental spillages which can form part of most kitchen routines. But it’s also smart and characterful enough if you use your kitchen/diner for entertaining.

Bathrooms/wet rooms

natural stone flooring bathrooms wetrooms

Again, easy-clean is the order of the day. Natural stone flooring is ideally suited to wet, steamy environments. And natural limestone flooring is relatively non-slip, compared to most other types of bathroom floor covering. Also, these are obviously rooms where underfloor heating really comes into its own.

Living rooms

natural stone flooring living rooms

Natural stone provides a warm, neutral blank canvas which you can dress up with furniture and rugs to create a stunning backdrop for everything from family nights-in to formal entertaining.


natural stone flooring conservatories

Most conservatories needs a floor covering that will stand up to years of muddy foot and paw prints. Cue natural stone flooring, with the added advantage that stone is a great heat conductor, so underfloor heating works energy efficiently. This means you can use your conservatory year-round as an extra room, rather than just during the warmer months.

Stone flooring done your way

At Stamford Stone, we stock an amazing choice of interior stone flooring in different materials, colours and finishes – including natural limestone sourced from our own quarries on the Lincolnshire limestone belt. There’s so much to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your home and your taste.

As well as natural stone floor tiles, we also offer a wide range of other stone products for inside and out… fireplaces, stairways, walling and work surfaces to name but a few.

For ideas and inspiration, and to see examples of what we offer, view our Gallery, request a sample or visit our showroom. We look forward to helping you find exactly the right stone for your home.