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Travertine flooring vs Limestone flooring

April 04, 2013   |   By

Travertine flooring vs Limestone flooring is a commonly asked question and one that in my eyes is a non contest which I will try to explain here.

Limestone is lighter in colour, more even, it is slightly less hard wearing than Travertine but as I once asked a client of ours “What are you planning on doing with this stone floor, drag a grand piano across it”!! Limestone is much more suited to a family home less dramatic more tranquil sitting in the background bringing both lightness and warmth at the same time. It is true that Travertine tiles can be cheaper than limestone floor tiles but all this tells me is that Travertine is a lesser product (Ferrari’s tend to be more expensive than Mondeo’s).

travertine vs stoneThis can often be demonstrated by looking at the back of Travertine tiles or samples often it has been filled with resin which tends to have a shelf life much shorter than the stone itself. When used with Under Floor Heating this can be a catalyst we regularly get sent images of Travertine which has been down for a couple of years then the dreaded resin begins to come away from it’s home as displayed below.

Sure you can replace it but the chances are you cannot get the same colour resin and do you really want to be doing this every couple of years. A stone floor is an investment for life get is right from the start ie. choice of stone, installed correctly and do not let your installer leave until he gives you maintenance guidelines follow this and you shall have a beautiful low maintenance limestone floor for years to enjoy.