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Stone Flooring in Commercial Projects

December 01, 2016   |   By

Whether you are opening or refurbishing a restaurant, shop, golf club or local swimming pool, it is important that you get the flooring of your commercial project right. You need to have a flooring that not only serves the specific needs of your business – perhaps one that is non-stick, easy to clean, hard wearing or water resistant, for example, but also gives the space the look and style that you are after.

Stone Flooring in Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

When you are designing the space for a commercial project, functionality and style are the two most important factors. You need to make sure that the space works commercially, with the flooring being able to withhold the footfall, movement of items such as chairs and tables and that it doesn`t promote problems or hazards such as the risk of slipping. If it is an outside space, you will also need to think about how it will cope with extreme weather conditions including quite drastic temperature changes.

The next thing that you must think about is the overall look and style of your commercial space. This is very important as it can affect the success of your business. The style of your commercial space must fit in perfectly with the branding of your business or consumers will begin to lost trust in you. So if you are branding and marketing a modern, upmarket business, the interior design of the space needs to match this.

Limestone Flooring

The good thing about limestone floor tiles is that there are a number of different types, styles and with different properties. This means that there really are limestone tiles to suit almost any situation.

Whether your project is looking for a charming, rustic style, an elegant, classic look, or a clean and modern style, there is a limestone floor tile which will add the perfect finishing touch.

Some examples of some excellent natural stone floor tiles which are being used in a commercial environment include:

Reims – Is hard-wearing and practical and it`s soft white cream colour, matches perfectly with a number of looks and styles. It is ideal for most interior commercial spaces as it is also versatile.

Bergamo – For those who are on a budget, the Bergamo limestone floor tiles are hard wearing but won`t break the bank. The stone is a light cream colour with a gentle grey fossil and light veining, once again giving itself to a range of different commercial situations.

Buckminster Riven Slate – This dark slate is an excellent option for rooms with a high footfall, which needs a really hard wearing flooring such as a warehouse.

Rhone Grey – Is a light grey limestone with small blue flecks meaning that the flooring has a real clean, modern and contemporary look, ideal for forward thinking, contemporary businesses.

These are just four of the wide range of limestone flooring tiles that are available. It is worth checking what is available, to find the perfect flooring tiles for you and your commercial space. For more help, or information about what is available to you, get in touch today!