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Stone backsplashes: adding character to your kitchen design

January 29, 2024   |   By
Adding character to you kitchen design

Remodelling a kitchen is one of the most exciting home improvements you can undertake, opening a world of possibilities in design, function, and aesthetics. One of the areas worthy of careful consideration is the kitchen backsplash, with endless options for customizing and adding an extra pop of personality to your kitchen.

Among the myriad choices, stone backsplashes stand out as a timeless and beautiful option. Here’s a closer look at ways to transform your kitchen by incorporating natural stone in the heart of the home.

The appeal of natural stone in kitchens

The appeal of natural stone in kitchens

Stamford Stone at Home, a renowned name in home improvements, offers a stunning range of natural stone floor tiles that can add warmth and character to your kitchen. In a world saturated with artificial tiling alternatives, natural stone tiles add an authentic look and feel to any style of kitchen, from traditional to contemporary.

Unlike mass-produced ceramic tiles of the past, Stamford Stone’s offerings allow you to make a distinct statement in your kitchen. Stone backsplashes showcase the beauty of locally sourced English Limestone, sleek marble with high gloss finishes, or the diverse textures and shades of world stones.

As one Houzz contributor puts it, natural stone has universal appeal, adding value to a home. From travertine to marble tiles, stone backsplashes are timeless and well-liked, giving them staying power no matter when you choose to sell your home.

Popular options for natural stone kitchen tiles

Deciding which stone backsplash to incorporate into your kitchen comes down to personal preference. Consider your existing design and preferences, including countertops, flooring, and hardware.

The good news is that natural stone blends well with any style, so you can’t go wrong with stone tiling in your kitchen. From the Walcott Octagonal blending warm, neutral hues with subtle yellow tones to the Farmhouse Bluff featuring a buff top and straight edges, Stamford Stone at Home offers a range of options. Choose from:

  • Locally sourced English limestone: This natural stone has subtle variations in hue and texture, complementing diverse design styles.
  • Marble: Sleek and sophisticated, marble stone has a high-gloss finish with a slight translucence.
  • World stones: Available in various shades, textures, and finishes, world stones are perfect for enhancing any kitchen décor, reflecting influences from around the globe.

Benefits of natural stone backsplashes

Beneifts of natural stone backsplashes

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, natural stone backsplashes offer practical benefits. They are not only hygienic but also contribute to the overall functionality of your kitchen space.

Renowned for their durability, stone tiles withstand the rigours of daily use — whether you’re making a small family meal or entertaining a crowd. Their inherent resistance to wear keeps them low-maintenance, freeing you up to enjoy time with the people who matter most to you.

Furthermore, natural stone is a sustainable solution that does not emit chemicals, toxins, and pollutants in production. With natural stone in your kitchen, you can feel just as good about your design choices as you do about the healthy meals on your plate.

Find the perfect backsplash with Stamford Stone

If you’re undertaking a kitchen design, you have many design choices to make. One of the simplest ones is the backsplash — when you choose a character-rich natural stone kitchen tile from Stamford Stone at Home. 

Naturally warm and versatile, our kitchen backsplashes can help you transform your kitchen into a focal point in your home. Explore the possibilities with Stamford Stone, and bring the enduring beauty of natural stone into your home. To learn more, contact us at 01780 740970 or stop by our showroom to see the beauty of stone backsplashes in person.