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French to English

March 12, 2013   |   By

Whilst skiing in the Beautiful mountains of the French Alpes last week it got me thinking what lies beneath.

Morzine 2

French limestone has long been connected with many landmark cities in the UK but why when French stone is so similar to British stone. The light to cream tones of Burgundy limestone flooring often gets compared to lincolnshire limestone flooring, French Chanceaux white limestone is very similar to our native Ancaster Hard White limestone and Portland limestone. Not only is French limestone used for limestone tiles or limestone flags but also for architectural projects I was somewhat puzzled when I recently visited the Grand Arcade in Cambridge and learned that the whole  internal/external wall tiles and cladding was actually a French banded stone almost identical to our native Clipsham limestone. A city drenched with so much history of using local stone such as bath stone, portland stone, ancaster stone, clipsham stone, ham stone why do interior designers architects and building contractors insist on using French material.

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