Wet Rooms Flooring

These days, natural stone tiles are among the most popular wall and floor coverings in bathrooms and wetrooms. Obviously the timeless elegance of natural stone in the home is hard to beat. But it also has a number of practical benefits which make it ideally suited for areas like wet rooms which regularly get wet and steamy.

Wet rooms are becoming more and more common in UK homes. They offer a great way to squeeze an extra bathroom into a small space. A wet room is perhaps best described as a bathroom with a shower area that is open (or slightly screened off) but with no shower tray. Instead, water simply drains through a hole in the floor.

Because of their design, wet rooms are normally fully tiled (often with matching limestone wall and floor tiles). This helps deal with the fact that water can splash anywhere in the space.

Wet rooms for all

Bathrooms in many warmer countries have been designed in the style of wet rooms for many decades. Most people will have experienced them for the first time on a holiday to foreign climes. However, the wet room is still a relatively new concept in the UK.

With no step or change of level, the wet room was introduced initially for easy-access showering for the elderly and less mobile. But in more recent times, wet rooms have become much more popular as a general bathroom option. This is especially true where space is at a premium, as the room can be laid out in a much more flexible way.

Limestone tiling - perfect for wet rooms

These days, there’s a wide choice of natural stone tiles available in the UK. Limestone tiling is amazingly versatile, and works equally well on floors and walls. This makes it ideal for a wet room, where it’s much neater to have the same look and texture throughout. Also, while it is extremely hard wearing, limestone is much easier to cut and fit than other stones like granite and marble.

With its unique markings, tones and shades, natural limestone looks beautiful. But it also feels great to stand and walk on, as it is less cold (and much less slippery) than ceramic tile alternatives. These non-slip properties are particularly important in a wet room, where the whole floor gets wet.

Another advantage of limestone tiles over other natural stone options like granite or marble is that it is much more affordable. This is an important consideration when measuring up to fully tile the floor and walls of a bathroom or wet room.

We have an amazing range of natural stone tiles that are perfect for use in bathrooms and wet rooms, including limestone wall tiles and limestone floor tiles. Check out our current range, contact us or visit out showroom for free help and advice on choosing the right natural stone tiles for your home.