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Promoting exquisite stone products requires a focused marketing strategy

Who is Stamford Stone at Home?

Stamford Stone at Home is an additional family-owned company to the leading stone supplier, Stamford Stone. Stamford Stone at Home (SSAH) supplies natural stone products for the home market which are targeted towards self-builders, renovators and homeowners.

The typical SSAH customer will be looking to incorporate the beauty, durability and sustainability of limestone and carefully selected global stones into their projects for both internal and external features. Our stone is not only durable and practical, it also looks stunning in the home. Customers use it for feature flooring, fireplaces, staircases, windowsills and wall tiles. In addition, we supply stone designed for exterior use, such as balustrades, wall capping, paving, patios, and name and date stones.

We quarry our Clipsham limestone right here in Lincolnshire, from Stamford Stone’s own two quarries, Clipsham Medwells and Clipsham Bidwells. In 2018 we acquired Clipsham Bidwells quarry, making us the exclusive supplier of Clipsham limestone worldwide.

The exquisite designs our customers create from our materials are a testament to the quality and timelessness of our natural stone.

Our work with Ketchup Marketing

Originally, all SSAH products and services were encompassed under the Stamford Stone brand. However, in 2016, we decided to opt for split branding to provide better and easier services to our two distinct audiences. SSAH now services our B2C customers while Stamford Stone is our B2B enterprise.

When SSAH was conceived we chose to work with Ketchup Marketing as they had already been providing a comprehensive marketing service to Stamford Stone for five years. We knew that Ketchup was the right agency to promote and maintain this new area of business.

Bringing Stamford Stone at Home to life

The main reason for splitting Stamford Stone into two organisations, was to better market our SSAH products to the residential market. We supply directly to architects and construction firms, but we also have a huge range of options for anyone looking to bring the ‘wow’ factor into their home.

For SSAH, we really wanted these options to be at the forefront – particularly our sumptuous flooring and elegant fireplaces.

A new brand

Ketchup created the SSAH brand to distinguish our B2C products from our B2B ventures. You’ll see that this differentiation is subtle – after all, we still want all our customers to know they’re going to get the same great quality and authentic natural stone as our Stamford Stone customers.

There is a lot of mirroring between the two brands. The logos are very similar, but the Stamford Stone graphic focuses on the stone itself while the SSAH image represents the residential focus.

A second website

With SSAH established as a distinct brand, we needed a separate website. Ketchup created this, making sure to keep everything in line with our overarching brand aesthetic for Stamford Stone.

The colour palette – dark and light greys – is carried throughout both sites for a seamless transition between Stamford Stone and SSAH.

The site structure of www.www.ssathome.co.uk has been created with the customer in mind. Our products are organised in three ways – by interior and exterior products, and by usage. This makes it incredibly easy for visitors to the site to find what they’re looking for. In addition, a full range of downloadable brochures makes access to information simple – which was precisely our goal.

Ongoing PR

We knew from the beginning of SSAH that PR was going to be a big part of our marketing strategy. Luckily for us, Ketchup has managed it all. Adverts have appeared in the local press multiple times, and we’ve also had articles published in local and regional magazines to promote and raise awareness of who we are and what we do. All articles are written and designed by Ketchup’s expert team of in-house copywriters.

Everything under control

Ketchup handles our overarching marketing strategy; with monthly meetings, we work closely to ensure we get excellent marketing support month after month. Ketchup Marketing manages our email marketing campaigns, our print adverts, and our PR. Regular updates allow us to continually review, assess and track progress. This relationship works superbly well and is very reliable. We always know if something needs quick action, Ketchup Marketing is ready and waiting to deal with the situation immediately.

Would an outsourced marketing department work for you?


Ketchup Marketing has helped fill a skills gap within our organisation. We now have full access to an expert team of graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, PR professionals, strategists, and more. It’s all covered by our monthly retainer and we have peace of mind knowing all our marketing activities are in hand at all times.

If this sounds like a service your business might benefit from, then we recommend working with Ketchup Marketing. You can email them on info@ketchup.marketing for more information or call 01476 852990.