Bespoke stone staircases

Beautiful, bespoke staircases

There’s something timelessly elegant and widely appealing about bespoke stone staircases. As a truly adaptable material, natural stone will always harmonise beautifully with the rest of your décor.

So whether you live in a very traditional property or a modern, minimalist home, you can be sure that limestone will blend in perfectly. For adding statement style as well as impact and value, a bespoke stone staircase ticks all the boxes.

Sustainably sourced stone from local quarries

We’ve been creating works of art using stone since 1997. When we design bespoke staircases, we prefer using stone sourced from our own quarries. This gives you peace of mind about provenance. Since we have plenty of reserves, you can be confident about continuity, too (although we expect you’ll only be doing this once! Stone staircases can last a lifetime).

By definition, no two bespoke stone staircases are the same. Your staircase is guaranteed to be unique. While we use the latest technology to cut and shape your stone, our master stonemasons will always finish it by hand. This is one area where man will never be replaced by machine – those gentle touches and skilled techniques transcend generations.

Count on expert advice from stone specialists

While we tend to use Greetham limestone for bespoke stone staircases, we can easily source other natural stones, such as Portland or Bath to suit your needs.

As well as the choice of stone, there are other things to consider. The size and shape of your hallway and landing may vary, depending on the style and age of your property. As a result, it’s wise to seek guidance from our experienced team. They’ll be able to help you create exactly the right staircase to suit the dimensions of your home. Even better, for expert advice and inspiration, make an appointment to visit our showroom at a time to suit you.

Thanks to our investment in technology, creating your bespoke stone staircase now takes less time. Our state of the art CNC machine has really speeded up the turnaround of projects.

What’s more, a bespoke stone staircase doesn’t have to be just stone. It’s easy to fit a carpet runner if you want to add warmth and texture. Part of the appeal of natural stone is its versatility, especially when you have other stone features in your home, such as flooring and fireplaces. The overall impression is one of timelessness and quality.

Find out how to choose a bespoke stone staircase for your home here.

For more inspiration, check out the beautiful bespoke staircases at our Gallery. You can also visit our showroom, talk to our team on 01780 740970 or request samples of your favourite stone.