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Natural Stone Slabs

Natural stone slabs work brilliantly for paving in outdoor spaces as they blend seamlessly with gardens and walls.

Our limestone is a popular choice for paving in gardens and patios. Easy to cut and simple to fit, natural stone always looks stunning. Every slab will be unique and will age beautifully. As a result, your patio or paving will simply improve in appearance as time goes by.

On a practical level, slabs made from natural stone have smaller joints than concrete. This means there’s less opportunity for weeds to thrive. Consequently, you won’t need to repair and replace your slabs on a regular basis.

A natural solution for beauty that lasts

When slabs made from concrete are damaged or chipped, the aggregate is exposed – this can look ugly. Choosing natural stone avoids this issue. Any small chips will blend in, softened by nature and the elements. This is partly why natural limestone slabs are so popular for commercial hard landscaping projects – their superior durability is worth the investment. Natural stone is never bland. There’ll be slight differences in character and colour in every piece. For this reason, limestone works just as well in a modern setting as in more traditional properties.

Take into account the age, size and nature of your garden when you’re considering which slabs to buy. For front gardens, which often combine landscaping with natural features, using local materials will give your home a sense of timelessness and harmony with its surroundings. It’s no secret that using the same material inside and outside your home makes the space feel bigger. Limestone slabs have the advantage of working equally well in both settings – bear in mind that small areas suit smaller stones and slabs and vice versa.

You’ll find we offer a wonderful selection of natural stones for exterior paving. Check our current range or make an appointment to visit our showroom at a time to suit you. For help and advice on the best exterior paving for your home, call us on 01780 740970.