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We love what we do.

Working with a beautiful natural product that enhances every property never loses its appeal.

Natural stone continues to be a popular material for new properties, and is equally at home in traditional cottages, farmhouses, restorations or conversions, harmonising with existing décor and creating visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing focal points and features.

We really enjoy seeing how bespoke stone staircases and fireplaces can transform a home and always appreciate the difference beautiful stone flooring makes in reception halls, boot rooms and orangeries. There’s no better way to add interest and give a sense of timeless quality to patios and gardens than with classical paving and exquisitely designed ornaments, benches and pond surrounds.

We’re a little different from other stone companies because we use our own locally quarried limestone for the majority of our interior design projects so we don’t have to rely on importing stone from abroad – we care about protecting our natural resources. There’s more about this at Provenance, Environment and Sustainability.

Take a look through our Gallery for ideas and inspiration and see how many uses natural stone can fulfil in your home.

Come and see what’s new in our showroom at Helpston, where you’ll discover stunning ways to make your home stand out. To arrange a personal consultation, call our friendly team on 01780 740970.

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