Wall Capping

Stone wall capping is an effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing way of protecting your wall from adverse weather, erosion and staining and giving plain walls interest at the same time.

You can choose from a selection of styles to suit the nature of your wall and the layout of your garden.

We’d love to help with your walling, stone wall capping and design projects. For expert advice about every kind of wall coping, piers, pillars and pier caps, call us on 01780 740970 or contact us here.

Cock ‘n’ hen capping

This is something you’ll often see on dry stone walls in places like the Cotswolds: it’s a style of capping where individual pieces of rough-hewn stone are placed at right angles across the top of stone walls to make them more weather resistant and give them protection against rain. All our cock ‘n’ hen wall capping is sourced from a small local quarry.

Pitch face, half round capping

Why not go for distinctive half round capping made from our hardest blue/brown Clipsham limestone for excellent durability, pitched face by hand?

Masonry Coping

Intended to divert water away from the wall, we can offer a variety of coping with delicate detail, curved, radial once or twice weathered. It’s best to give us a call so that we can advise on what will be the most appropriate stone wall capping for your needs.

Piers, Pillars and Pier Caps

These are a perfect choice if you’re looking to create an impressive entrance to your home.

Pier Caps are the stones that cap gate pillars. Originally used to protect the pier from weather damage, they’ve also become very popular to add style and good looks to your home.

You may have a design in mind or we can guide you through our collection – just call us for more information.

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